Braeu am Berg Maerzen

A real insider tip for the beer connoisseur! The Braeu am Berg Maerzen beer is a light, strong and complete beer with a savoury touch and has been the winner at numerous blind tastings.

In 2016 the Braeu am Berg Maerzen was awarded the CULINARIX in gold by selected beer sommeliers at the specialised “Bierland Upper Austria” show!

The family-run private brewery was pleased to receive a prestigious award at one of the world’s best renowned beer competitions. At the BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, the Bräu am Berg Märzen was awarded the Bronze medal as part of the European Beer Star 2020.

"This makes our Bräu am Berg Märzen one of the best beers in the world," explains Victor Starzinger, master brewer and owner of the private brewery Bräu am Berg with pride, "the well-deserved reward for our brewery employees, who uncompromisingly adhere to our high quality standards."

Our Bräu am Berg Märzen is one of the best beers in the world.

With 2,036 beers submitted from 42 countries across all continents, the European Beer Star 2020 recorded an unusually high number of participants during the difficult year of Covid.

The jury of 66 people – master brewers, beer sommeliers and established beer connoisseurs – came from Europe to Gräfelfing at the start of October to award gold, silver and bronze metals in 70 beer styles as part of a two-day blind tasting. All based on objective evaluation criteria, such as those appreciated by the consumer: the look, foam, scent, smell and characteristics typical of the variety.

Traceable and transparent. For Stefan Stang, the Managing Director of the Privaten Brauereien Bayern, one of the reasons why the European Beer Star has achieved such a great reputation worldwide.


Austrian style Bräu am Berg Maerzen -

Bronze award 2020
  • A classical light-yellow Maerzen
  • A pure aroma
  • Pleasant and well-balanced bitterness
  • Light and full-bodied
  • A fresh initial taste
  • A subtle bitter after-taste
  • A good foam
Original wort: 11,6°
Alcohol content: 5,0 vol. %
Alcohol content: 0.5 litre glass,
0.5 litre can,
5.0 litre barrel,
0,33 litre glass,
25 litre barrel,
50 litre barrel
Trading Units: 20 x 0,5 litre glass crate,
6 x 0,5 litre can pack,
24 x 0,5 litre can tray,
20 x 0,33 litre glass

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